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Meet the sponsors supporting us

Monsters IO

Monsters IO is a digital learning platform for gamers, by gamers. Catch our team members hosting lessons on the games you love.

Company Hexa

Hexa makes online security easy. With its award-winning plugin, browsing the internet is safer and more carefree than ever before.

Mother Team

Our apparel and merch partner is Mother Team, providing the most comfortable team uniforms in all of esports.

Madrid Pensa

Our main office and training space are provided by Madrid Pensa, an international real estate firm specializing in leasing commercial spaces.

Motion Group

The Kickers content you see from our site to our socials, and even streams, are all made possible by Motion Group.Thanks for catching us from our good side!


Obreat is a travel search engine that makes booking a flight inexpensive and painless. When we travel, it’s with Orbeat.